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Jane Read and Ray Little

Welcome to the website of Enderby Psychotherapy and Counselling Associates (EPCA). The practice consists of two therapists, Ray Little and Jane Read, both practitioners each have over thirty years experience and are registered members of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). This means that they meet the exacting standards and training requirements which are the conditions of becoming a member of the UKCP.

At Enderby Psychotherapy & Counselling Associates we offer the following services;

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Couple & Relationship Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy

Infertility Counselling

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling
Psychotherapy and counselling both involve a confidential talking and collaborative processes between the therapist and client(s). The overall aim is for the individual or couple to have an opportunity to explore their experience, their feelings, thoughts and behaviours with the therapist to enable them to gain insight and manage their lives more effectively and satisfactorily.

When people are considering seeking therapy, they often feel unhappy, or stuck in situations and behavioural patterns that they do not fully understand. Psychotherapy and Counselling can help those people who are suffering from emotional distress and personal difficulties, or mental health issues, who wish to accomplish understanding, insight and change in their lives. If you attend for psychotherapy or counselling you will have the opportunity to talk further about what it is that is troubling you. The therapist will listen, without making judgements and will endevour to help you make sense of your experience, thoughts and emotions. The therapist will help you recognise patterns, discover meanings and where appropriate explore options.

At Enderby Associates the therapists work with a variety of issues and problems that people experience and these may include;

  • depression, sadness and emptiness,
  • anxiety and difficulties with coping,
  • a vague feeling that something is wrong,
  • lack of confidence and low self esteem,
  • irrational fears and feelings of panic,
  • assertiveness problems,
  • difficulties expressing and/or managing anger,
  • unhelpful repetitive patterns and difficulty in making and sustaining satisfactory relationships,
  • coming to terms with traumatic events, and issues of physical, emotional or sexual abuse,
  • the consequences of being an adult survivor of childhood trauma &/or abuse,
  • suffering trauma and PTSD,
  • or just wanting to talk over life's difficulties and struggles.

    These problems may be as a result of day-to-day stresses of living, or as a result of specific events in life, either current or that have occurred in the past.

    Relationship, Couple and Psychosexual Therapy can help those couples and individuals who are experiencing issues, which may include;

  • couples & relationship difficulties,
  • communication difficulties,
  • sexual problems.

    Infertility Counselling
    This may be helpful for those individuals and couples considering, undergoing, or having had fertility treatment.

    Please look at the 'Services' page of this website for a further description of these services, or if you have particular questions please email us at the address above.

    Next Step
    If you believe you may benefit from any of our services and would like to make an initial appointment to discuss things further, then please contact either Ray Little for psychotherapy or counselling, or
    Jane Read for relationship, couple or psychosexual counselling.
    Before doing so, please read the Privacy Policy, a link to which can be found at the bottom of each page of this website.

    Initial Session
    In the initial consultation session, you will meet one of the therapists and have an opportunity, in strict confidence, to discuss your problems and what is troubling you, and to ascertain what form of therapy might be appropriate. If you and the therapist agree to work together then the two of you will make arrangements to meet.

    We are within easy reach of central Edinburgh, and therefore also of Lothian, the Borders and Fife. We are easily accessible from Edinburgh Waverley Station, by bus and taxi. Metered parking is available in the surrounding streets. See map on 'Contact us' page for the location of the practice.

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